Center Parcs De Haan review

Previously under the Sunparks umbrella, the subtropic swimming paradise switched to the Center Parcs family of parks since 2011.

Located beautifully at the Belgian coast and in walking distance from the city De Haan, you'll find this 3 star park.

3 stars means that it doesn't have all the features of a 5 stars Center Parcs (like a wild water rapid). This may be a problem for older kids seeking adventurous attractions.

However when you have a family with toddlers, it's perfect: inside the complex, called market dome, it's always 29 degrees celcius. A toddler bath with colourful creatures and shallow water is all they need to be happy 🙂

3 stars also means that the VIP lodges are more worth the money. The infrared sauna is very relaxing when your kids went to sleep.

Center Parcs De Haan VIP Lodge

Inside the market dome there is also a good restaurant, style selfservice and animation (clowns) for the kids. When the weather is bad, an indoor ‘Baluba' playground will put a big smile on your children's faces.

When it's good weather there are all sorts of activities you can do:

  • walk to De Haan via the dunes – have a nice lunch on the sea wall
  • in summer go to the beach and swim in the sea
  • rent a bike at Center Parcs – and drive through the polder or visit some sea-side resorts in the neighbourhood

De Haan (Vosseslag) dunes and beach

So to conclude, we had a great time during the weekend at Center Parcs De Haan.

Check out their latest promotions at the Center Parcs De Haan site.

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