Daytrip to Caen in Normandy

Caen Walk weergeven op een grotere kaart

The above walk takes you accross some of the highlights in Caen city. Not to be missed, and the start of the walk is the castle of William I, the Conqueror. From the fortified walls you have a nice view of the surroundings including the Saint Pierre church. From the church take the Rue Saint-Pierre, a pedestrian-only street with bars, restaurants and shops. We took our lunch at the Fruity Cafe, which had great natural fruit drinks.
Walking further, you'll come accross Rue Froide, a street with some of the oldest buildings in Caen (during World War II a lot of Caen was destroyed). Not to be missed further en route is the Abbey for Men (Abbaye aux Hommes) and the townhome.

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