German Naval Battery in Longues Sur Mer, Normandy

The German Naval Battery in Longues Sur Mer is situated in peaceful countryside, which is perfect for a walk.

Build in the beginning of 1944, the naval battery at Longues Sur Mer was equipped with 4 big guns, housed in casemates. Embedded in the cliff face, was a viewpoint of the Germans. I'm wondering what their face looked like when they saw the invasion fleet on the horizon.

The battery was able to fire on both Gold and the Omaha beaches but was soon silenced after a day of fights on June 6th 1944. The next day, it was captured by the British.

While the historic events of Worldwar II are tragic, right now the place was very peaceful. We did a walk passing by the battery canons – which are very well preserved. Then we headed towards the cliffs were we found the bunker/viewpoint of the Germans. You can climb into the post – which you should definitely do as you have a great and interesting view on the horizon and the sea.

German Naval Battery in Longues Sur Mer Normandy weergeven op een grotere kaart

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