San Gimignano – The Manhattan of Tuscany Italy

San Gimignano is a small medieval city in the province of Siena – located in the heart of Tuscany in Italy.

The historic centre of San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage site is well known for its medieval towers of varying heights. While towards the end of the Mediaval period there were 72 towers, 14 have been preserved and still create a Manhattan alike skyline today!


San Gimignano was one of our highlights during our summer trip in Tuscany – it's a must do!

We recommend to start with a good walk exploring the mediaval centre. After getting lost (don't worry the centre is not that big), find your way back to Podesta's Palace where you can buy tickets to climb one of the towers (Torre Grossa) for great views of the surrounding countryside.


There are lots of small restaurants with good Italian food and wines @ lunchtime.

Or making a reservation for a (romantic) dinner is not a bad idea either – as San Gimignano gets even more fairylike at night 🙂


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